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Conversation design

Shift Gears: From Graphical to Voice Interfaces [Conversation Design 101 Series]

Graphical vs Voice interfaces - what opportunities are there behind the transition from the former toward the latter. Find out here
Conversation design
Conversation design

Is AI Creating New Jobs? [Conversation Design 101 Series]

Conversation design - who are the people behind such processes, what do they keep in mind, and what challenges they need to overcome. Find out from this series
Conversation design
Conversation design concept

What is conversational AI – Definition, Benefits and Use Cases

In this article, we’ll explain what conversational AI is, how it works, and why so many organizations are beginning to use it. What is Conversational AI? Conversational AI is the...
Call center

AI Voice Assistants for Logistics and Transportation – Use cases and Benefits

According to a McKinsey report, while global supply chain activities have surpassed the $10 trillion mark over the last two decades, the interlinked supply networks have grown riskier. At...
Call center
ai agent logistics transportation
Use case

Voice AI in HR: Top use cases and benefits of virtual assistants

Over the last few years, voice bots and chatbots have established themselves in a wide array of industries and business sectors. So naturally, AI can can give invaluable assistance in...
Use case
Customer support

Customer service automation that works [+ Definition, Benefits, Strategies]

If you experience high fluctuation in support requests and see your customer satisfaction decreasing, you might be considering implementing automation in your customer support. There are many...
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