Smart, smooth conversational AI,
ready for healthcare

At, we push the limits with our artificial intelligence technology,
so we can offer you — and your callers — outstanding AI voice assistant
experiences, trained specifically for the healthcare industry

  • Frictionless

    With our pre-trained AI voice assistant,
    your callers won’t struggle to be understood

  • Easy to talk to

    Your callers can converse naturally
    with our AI voice assistant no matter
    which language they speak

  • Engaging

    Our AI voice assistant can recall key
    caller details and make them part of
    the conversation

  • Smart

    Our AI voice assistant learns and
    improves with every caller interaction

AI voice assistant that understands exactly what
your patients want to do

Our AI voice assistant is smart enough to work out caller intention, no matter how they choose to express themselves.

Empowered by Talkie’s cutting-edge intent detection engine, our AI voice assistant achieves an impressive 40% reduction in errors when deciphering speaker intent.
This enhancement is achieved without compromising the swift responsiveness that defines the seamless conversational experience with our AI voice assistant.

Set up AI voice assistants quickly without sacrificing accuracy

Our AI voice assistant is pre-trained specifically for the healthcare industries to improve the AI’s comprehension and ability to carry out the most frequent caller transactions at medical facility contact centers.

Improved training performance, thanks to ‘few-shot’ learning, reduces the amount of time needed to deploy AI voice assistants, helping us to get new high-performing virtual agents live even faster for our clients.


You don’t need to speak multiple languages because we do

Our AI voice assistant is fluent in a large and growing list of languages. Train AI voice assistants in one language and they’re ready for the rest. This is another great time-saving feature that extends the range of callers our clients can support from day one without any sacrifice of quality.

Adding personal touches is easy

Connect our AI voice assistant to your patient record system so it can remember the details that matter most to your callers and personalize the conversation.

Have the AI voice assistant greet returning callers by name, recall their physician appointment details, prescription orders and other patient details.

Sit back and let the AI learn from your callers

Our AI voice assistants are always learning and looking for new processes your callers want to use, helping your business to react to dynamically evolving landscapes without having to manually monitor anything, delivering infinitely more automation.

Improve patient experience
with our AI voice assistant