Automated Customer Service: Switch from Short-term Cost Reduction to Long-term Return On Investment

Automation has a bad reputation, especially in the context of customer interactions. Many say that a company can’t provide a memorable customer experience without “the human touch.” The thing…

How AI virtual agents can automate lead generation

We’ve noticed that there aren’t many articles that describe how the process of implementing AI voice assistants looks like in detail. We decided to start a series that will dispel any doubts…

6 Ways Automation Reduces Call Center Costs

Over the years there have been many attempts to reduce call center costs with the help of automation. Unfortunately, they’ve been mostly unsuccessful. IVRs that made customers furious even…
Reduce call center costs with automation
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We’ve raised our first round of funding, what does it mean for our customers?

This month we raised $800k from Movens VC and LT Capital and the funds secured an option to invest another $530k as a bridge round. We’re proud and excited as the funding not only helps us…
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Talkie raises $800k for ai virtual assitants

Will AI Replace the Human Workforce? Myths and Facts about AI Voice Assistants.

Technological disruption and innovation are the terms that introduce us to the world we used to read about in sci-fi literature, but for some people, they set off alarm bells. The future is…
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Customer Service Automation vs. COVID-19 – a Vision of the Post-pandemic World

The outbreak of COVID-19 has revised the world we used to know. When it comes to retail, business owners who didn’t have the need to mark their presence nor offer online are now creating…
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