Security at upholds the highest security standards with the aim of protecting yours and your patients’ data.

We are a SOC 2 type I certified, HIPAA-compliant organization that holds cybersecurity practices as part of our company culture.

End-to-end security and privacy

Our applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services to provide end-to-end security and privacy features. For additional, more specific details regarding AWS security, please refer to

Data security in transit

Access to the app always uses industry-standard SSL

Data security at rest

Data encryption uses AES-256 algorithm

Layers of Security

We take a layered approach to security to ensure all aspects of our business and yours are safe.

  1. Security-focused organization
    We create a culture of security across the company by constantly identifying and mitigating risks, implementing best practices, and strengthening our security standards.
  2. Secure technology
    Our platform has inherent security measures
  3. Security policies
    Our security policies define the internal and external standards that we must meet as an organization.

To ensure all aspects of your business are safe, we take a layered security approach according to SOC 2 standards.

Security standards

  • A company-wide focus on security delivers company-wide security training for every member of staff to ensure we continue to maintain a high level of commitment to cybersecurity.

    Our security policies address all aspects of our business from server architecture to data protocols to the handling of user credentials and records.

  • Fast recovery when the worst has happened

    Our data recovery plan ensures our applications are backed up securely before a disaster occurs and fast to redeploy after a disaster. Our use of AWS architecture helps support our overall application uptime of 99.99%. Each application included in the platform is implemented using the CI environment (Gitlab CI), allowing for up-to-date and fast recoveries.

Great team and product

“Security measures, especially personal data protection, is of utmost importance at It’s important for our clients to be able securely integrate our systems and solutions with their platforms, encrypt data, and back up and store data to standards that meet and ideally exceed the requirements of the healthcare industry.”

Wojciech Przechodzeń,

Questions about security or compliance?

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