How to Measure Customer Experience — Strategy, Metrics, and Best Practices

When focusing your CX efforts on delighting customers it is easy to forget that customers care way more about getting a consistently good experience than about a few rare moments of delight...

How Customer Experience Automation Benefits You and Your Customers

In the past few years, customer experience (CX) has become one of the most exciting aspects of business, and it is now clear that a great product alone is not enough. Exceptional customer…

What is an AI Virtual Agent? Benefits, Use Cases, and How to Get Started

A virtual agent is an AI-based software program that interacts with humans in a similar way to live agents. Virtual agents (also called virtual or voice assistants) can provide services and…
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Why choose for customer service automation

If you’re at the stage of picking virtual agent software, you probably already know the benefits of adding them to your customer service team. But how do you find a provider that is the right…
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Automated Customer Service: Switch from Short-term Cost Reduction to Long-term Return On Investment

Automation has a bad reputation, especially in the context of customer interactions. Many say that a company can’t provide a memorable customer experience without “the human touch.” The thing…
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6 Ways Automation Reduces Call Center Costs

Over the years there have been many attempts to reduce call center costs with the help of automation. Unfortunately, they’ve been mostly unsuccessful. IVRs that made customers furious even…
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