AI Voice Automation
for Better Patient Access

Revolutionize patient access with zero wait times and 24/7 availability – because access to healthcare should never be a waiting game.

  • Enable self-service for patients
  • Reduce staff turnover and burnout
  • Lower operating costs
  • 90% patient requests
    instantly processed
  • 80% appointments free of
    no-show risk
  • 60% call center
    costs reduction
  • 0s on-hold time
    for patients

Improve patient engagement
with voice AI’s medical voice assistants offer patients a wide range
of automated self-service options when they call a healthcare provider.

  • Booking Appointments
  • Confirming appointments
  • Prescription refills
  • Managing appointments
  • Patient triage

Thank you for contacting Easy Health. How can I help you today?

API: 126-381-0226 calling
Caller: Cliff Marks

Hi, Cliff Marks here. I would like to book an appointment with my primary care physician.

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Intent: Appointment_request
API: primaryCare_NormanMD

Hello Cliff, for verification purposes, can you tell me your date of birth?

DOB: 6th July, 1980

Sure, it's 6th of July 1980.

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DOB: verification_passed

Thank you so much.

Dr. Norman's first available appointment is this Thursday at 3 PM. Does that work for you?

Yeah, that's perfect.

Recording avatar
Appointment date: June 2nd, 3:00 PM
API: update_cal_NormanMD

Great. Your appointment is scheduled for 3 PM, Thursday, the 2nd of June. I'll send you a confirmation text shortly.

API: send_confirmation_text

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that's everything. Cheers!

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Bye. Have a nice day!

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Enable self-service appointment booking for patients

Patients can make appointments with the AI voice assistants without the need for interaction with the front desk staff.

Hi, this is Easy Health Clinic calling. Am I speaking with Tom Hill?

API: call 151-328-0776
Reason for call: appointment_confirmation

Yeah, this is Tom Hill speaking.

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I’m calling to confirm your appointment with Doctor White, scheduled for July 26th, 2022 at 2:30 pm.

Do you still confirm this appointment?

Oh right, no, I can’t attend this visit unfortunately.

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Appointment status: unable_to_attend

That’s okay. Would you like me to cancel the appointment or should we look for another available date?

I’d like to reschedule for sometime next week.

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Intent: reschedule_appointment

Of course, I will connect you to a representative who will arrange a new appointment for you.

API: transfer_inbound

Please hold the line for one moment while I transfer you.

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Enable self-service appointment confirmation for patients

Our AI voice assistants confirm appointments with patients, reducing the risk of no shows that can result from long wait times on the phone.

Thank you for contacting Easy Health Clinic. How can I help you today?

API: 133-254-0156 calling
Caller: Andrew Stewart

Yeah, I’d like to refill my prescription please.

Intent: prescription_refill

Sure, I can help you with that. I have matched your phone number to a record in our system, but I still need some additional information for verification purposes.

Can you please provide me with your full name?

My name is Andrew Stewart.

Name: verified

Okay, thank you. And what are the last four digits of your social security number?

SSN: *****5289


SSN: verified

Thank you. Can you also tell me your date of birth?

DOB: October 17th, 1983

It’s October 17th, 1983.

DOB: verified

Great, thank you. Now, could you please tell me who is your prescribing doctor?

Yes, it’s doctor Steven Jones.

Caller’s doctor: Steven Jones

Okay, and what’s the name of the medication for which you would like to get a refill?

It’s somaxine.

Requested refill: Somaxine; med_ID: 41267746728

And lastly, what is the dosage of that medication?

10 milligrams.

Dose: 10mg

Great, that’s everything I need. Your request will be passed over to doctor Jones for verification and approval. You will be receiving a call within the next 48hrs with the status of your request.

Additionally, I’ve just sent you an SMS confirming all the details. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

API: send_confirmation_text

No, that’s everything, thank you!

Great, have a wonderful day!

Enable self-service prescription refill requests for your patients

AI voice assistants gather all the information required to reorder prescription refills from patients and submit the information for physician approval.

Thank you for contacting Easy Health Clinic. How can I help you today?

API: 148-227-2644 calling
Caller: unknown

Hi, I’d like to cancel my appointment.

Intent: cancel_appointment

Sure, I can help you with that. Can you please tell me what’s your full name?

Yeap, my name is Carolyn Johnson.

Name: Carolyn Johnson

Got it, thanks. Now, can you please tell me the name of your doctor and the appointment date?

So the appointment is with Doctor Heather Baldwin and it’s scheduled for August 3rd at 3 pm.

Doctor: Heather Baldwin
Appointment date: August 3rd, 3:00 PM

Thank you, I have all the information I need. Your appointment has been canceled and you should be receiving a confirmation SMS shortly.

API: update_calendar_baldwin
API: send_confirmation_text

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

No, thank you, that will be all, goodbye!

Great, have a wonderful day!

Enable making, changing, and canceling appointments for your patients

Our AI voice assistants gather updates from patient calls and automatically update the information in the EHR systems, allowing patients to manage their appointments seamlessly. Physician calendars are instantly adjusted for changes.

Welcome to the My Health Clinic where you're in good hands. I'm here to help you see what is the best way to handle your condition. This service is powered by Infermedica and Talkie.

Before we start the triage, I need to confirm your biological gender and age.

Could you please confirm if you're male or female?

I'm a male

Could you please tell me what is your age?


Could you please describe your symptoms?

I have a bit of a high fever and a dry cough.

Is there anything else that you would like to report?

Ah, some slight aches and pains but nothing else really.

I understood: Fever greater than 104°F (40°C) and dry cough. Is that correct?

I'm not sure about the exact temperature but it is a high fever. I don't have a thermometer.

I wrote down your answers. Let’s move on to the interview now.

Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, I am.

Do you have a weak immune system, are you HIV positive, taking oral or intravenous steroids or chemotherapy, using insulin, or had your spleen removed?


Has the cough lasted less than 3 weeks?

Em, yes.

Has your fever lasted less than 3 days?


Do you have a cough during the night that sometimes wakes you up?


Do you have a sore throat?


Do your muscles ache or hurt?


Have you been diagnosed with asthma?


Do any of your joints hurt?


Did the joint pain start suddenly?


Do you have a fast heartbeat or feel like your heart is racing?


Are you breathing more than 20 breaths per minute?


Is your nose or throat itchy or tingly?


Do your eyes look glassy, shiny, or glassed over?


Based on this triage it seems you might have a common cold. Other possibilities are flu and acute laryngitis. Please consult a General Practitioner. You may require a medical consultation when possible.

I will now reconnect you to a specialist to discuss further steps. Thank you and goodbye.

Enable phone-based health checks for your patients

Try this voicebot +1 (332) 203-0132

Enable your patients to carry out health checks reliably and at scale over the phone using’s intelligent voice assistants supported by Infermedica’s powerful diagnostic engine.

Increase patient access
with voice AI

  • Improve patient service standards

    Improve patient satisfaction and increase patient retention with AI voice automation – handle patient calls efficiently, accurately, and without fatigue or loss of focus.

  • Increase front desk staff capacity

    Free up your staff to focus on what they do best – caring for patients. Let our AI voice automation handle appointment management, prescription refills, and other patient requests

  • Offer patients convenient self services

    Offer your patients the convenience of AI automated call-based self-service options available around the clock, every day of the year, without any interruptions or delays.

Thanks to, our callers are more relaxed, and our front desk staff is less overloaded. The reduction in calls we had to handle was noticeable immediately.
I really recommend as they have a great team and the entire experience was phenomenal.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are voice assistants?’s voice assistants are voicebots that use advanced AI and speech recognition to automate call center and front desk services for healthcare facilities.

  • What processes can be automated using’s medical voice assistants?

    You’ll be surprised at how versatile our medical voice assistants are. Our voice assistants are pre trained specifically to optimally support ominchannel contact centers for medical clinics, hospitals and other healthcare services.

    Callers get instant call answering with voice AI assistance to access common self service processes:

    • Appointment management
    • Automated appointment reminders and confirmation
    • Prescription refill ordering
    • Clinic FAQs
    • Digital Front Door (Voice IVR)
  • How long does it take to start using a voice assistant service at my medical facilities?

    You can start using voice automation in a matter of weeks, not months. Talk to our experts about implementing voice assistants at your organization.

  • Can voice assistants speak more than one language?

    They sure can! Our voice assistants are available in a growing list of 15 + languages. Augment your contact center services with multilingual voice assistants who are available 24/7 to help your callers. Read more about improving the patient experience with 24/7 medical reception services here.

  • Can I integrate voice assistants into my existing contact center systems?

    Yes! Our voicebot platform integrates with most major contact center technologies to offer call routing and automated service options. See our Integrations page for further details.

  • Is Talkie integrated with my EHR system?

    Talkie is integrated with the market-leading EHR systems, such as Epic, AthenaHealth or Cerner. We keep on adding more integrations, so reach out to our team to learn if your EHR is supported.

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