Voice AI-assisted repeat prescriptions order call automation

Thank you for contacting Easy Health Clinic. How can I help you today?

API: 133-254-0156 calling
Caller: Andrew Stewart

Yeah, I’d like to refill my prescription please.

Intent: prescription_refill

Sure, I can help you with that. I have matched your phone number to a record in our system, but I still need some additional information for verification purposes.

Can you please provide me with your full name?

My name is Andrew Stewart.

Name: verified

Okay, thank you. And what are the last four digits of your social security number?

SSN: *****5289


SSN: verified

Thank you. Can you also tell me your date of birth?

DOB: October 17th, 1983

It’s October 17th, 1983.

DOB: verified

Great, thank you. Now, could you please tell me who is your prescribing doctor?

Yes, it’s doctor Steven Jones.

Caller’s doctor: Steven Jones

Okay, and what’s the name of the medication for which you would like to get a refill?

It’s somaxine.

Requested refill: Somaxine; med_ID: 41267746728

And lastly, what is the dosage of that medication?

10 milligrams.

Dose: 10mg

Great, that’s everything I need. Your request will be passed over to doctor Jones for verification and approval. You will be receiving a call within the next 48hrs with the status of your request.

Additionally, I’ve just sent you an SMS confirming all the details. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

API: send_confirmation_text

No, that’s everything, thank you!

Great, have a wonderful day!


“Due to high volume of telephone calls we are experiencing in the morning, we would ask that if you are ringing for a repeat prescription could you contact the surgery after 11am.”


Make call waiting for repeat prescriptions a thing of the past with autonomous voice assistants for medical clinics from Talkie.ai.

Dedicated conversational AI for healthcare

Routine requests for repeat prescription refills from patients are calls easily handled autonomously with Talkie’s virtual medical assistants.

Talkie’s virtual assistants use our conversational AI trained specifically for the healthcare industry to make sure your patient’s prescription needs are clearly understood.

Ease the call burden for routine prescription calls

Help patients manage their repeat prescription and ease the call workload of clinic staff with intelligent call automation:

  • 24/7/365 call access

    Give patient instant call answering with 24/7 self-service options for ordering their repeat prescriptions.

  • Automated notifications

    Have voice assistants call patients automatically to remind them of upcoming refill requirements, reducing last minute emergency requests for prescription repeat requests.

  • Lower cost-per-call

    Save your clinic staff time answering routine calls and significantly lower the cost per call for administering repeat prescription requests.

Prescription refill process with virtual assistants

Our virtual assistants work hand-in-hand with your clinic staff to ensure timely and accurate dispensing of repeat prescriptions.

Optimize your contact center services with voice automation

Automation improves the accuracy and efficiency of gathering information for repeat prescription fulfillment, making decision-making by pharmacists easier and saving them time.
Clinic staff time is freed up from high frequency calls and post call administrative tasks that are easily handled by the voice AI so that staff can better focus on patient care.
Medical facility managers have access to an affordable and scalable contact center automation service that can be scaled up or down based on seasonal patterns or increased need for support staff during critical periods or times of crisis, supported with detailed call analytics, logs and statistics.

Get started with voice automation for medical clinics

Find out how easy it is to have prescription refill requests automated with voice AI from Talkie.