Welcome to our Intelligent Front Door
and Call Steering

The Intelligent Front Door and Call Steering is changing the way patients access healthcare services.
Our innovative approach leverages AI voice technology to create a sophisticated and user-friendly
initial contact point for patients seeking medical assistance

How It Works

Our AI voice system utilizes natural language processing to engage with callers, ensuring seamless communication and understanding of patient inquiries. By efficiently directing callers to the appropriate departments or services based on their needs, we optimize the patient experience from the very first point of contact.

Seamless Integration

Integrated seamlessly with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and databases, our AI voice system efficiently gathers information about patient needs. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, seeking medical advice, or obtaining specific information, our voice assistant guides patients to the right resources with precision and accuracy.


  • By effectively steering calls our voice assistant streamlines the patient journey, reduces wait times, and ensures that individuals receive timely and accurate guidance

  • With Intelligent Front Door and Call Steering, patients can expect an enhanced overall experience and improved access to healthcare services

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