Automated call-based patient appointment scheduling for medical clinic front desks

Thank you for contacting Easy Health. If this is an emergency, please say or dial 9-1-1. How can I help you today?

Hi, Cliff Marks here. I would like to book an appointment with my primary care physician.

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Hello Cliff, for verification purposes, can you tell me your date of birth?

Sure, it's 6th of July 1980.

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Thank you so much.

Dr. Norman's first available appointment is this Thursday at 3 PM. Does that work for you?

Yeah, that's perfect.

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Great. Your appointment is scheduled for 3 PM, Thursday, the 2nd of June. I'll send you a confirmation text shortly.

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that's everything. Cheers!

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Bye. Have a nice day!

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Make it easier for patients to contact your medical clinics and manage their appointments over the phone with a virtual front desk staffed with service-ready intelligent voicebots from

  • 24/7 patient access to make and manage appointment over the phone
  • Self-service automation cuts call queue waiting times to zero
  • Ease the workload of clinic staff and reduce operating costs

Self-service call-based access, 24/7/365

Making appointments is a critical first step in a patient’s healthcare journey.

Global staff shortages in healthcare, patients are waiting longer than ever to talk with front desk staff or are forced to used online portals with which many patients struggle.

Our virtual assistants make it easier for patients to call your clinic at any time to make and manage their appointments.


Intelligent, autonomous appointment scheduling

No more call queues for appointments. Our virtual assistants are able to handle a wide range of tasks related to appointment management at your medical facilities. Patient callers can:



  • Retain more patients and attract new ones with convenient 24/7/365 self service options

  • Ease the workload of front desk staff and free up more of their time to focus on patient care

  • Reduce contact center operating costs by up to 60% with’s voicebot platform solution

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Talkie’s platform can help you optimize your medical clinic’s contact center performance with a range of automation services designed specifically for the healthcare industry.