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Offer 24/7 customer care with conversational AI

Round the clock customer service has become the standard. Learn how AI voice technology can reduce the pressure on customer care teams to provide 24/7 services.

When to use voicebots vs. chatbots

A specific user interaction model affects which customer engagement solution - a voicebot or chatbot - will perform better. Learn more about both scenarios
AI in healthcare

Smarter, faster-to-deploy medical voicebots thanks to new intent detection

Smarter, faster-to-deploy voicebots from Talkie.ai are now ready thanks to new intent detection. Our voicebot platform allows you to rapidly deploy business-ready virtual agents.
AI in healthcare
AI in healthcare

Choosing AI voices for your voicebot

In this article, we take an in depth look at choosing AI voices for your voicebot your customers will be happy to interact with.
AI in healthcare
AI in healthcare

The ultimate glossary of conversational AI terms

Conversational AI is a rapidly growing market that is powering automation for a variety of industries and using a wide range of technologies. A recent report estimates that the conversational...
AI in healthcare
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Patient experience

Do your customers want to talk to voicebots?

Voicebots, also sometimes called virtual assistants, have become an accepted part of our modern lives. Siri and Alexa are now literally household names, and an increasing number of businesses...
Patient experience
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