Phone-Based Health Checks with Voice AI

Hear our AI virtual healthcare agent in action

Welcome to the My Health Clinic where you're in good hands. I'm here to help you see what is the best way to handle your condition. This service is powered by Infermedica and Talkie.

Before we start the triage, I need to confirm your biological gender and age.

Could you please confirm if you're male or female?

I'm a male

Could you please tell me what is your age?


Could you please describe your symptoms?

I have a bit of a high fever and a dry cough.

Is there anything else that you would like to report?

Ah, some slight aches and pains but nothing else really.

I understood: Fever greater than 104°F (40°C) and dry cough. Is that correct?

I'm not sure about the exact temperature but it is a high fever. I don't have a thermometer.

I wrote down your answers. Let’s move on to the interview now.

Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, I am.

Do you have a weak immune system, are you HIV positive, taking oral or intravenous steroids or chemotherapy, using insulin, or had your spleen removed?


Has the cough lasted less than 3 weeks?

Em, yes.

Has your fever lasted less than 3 days?


Do you have a cough during the night that sometimes wakes you up?


Do you have a sore throat?


Do your muscles ache or hurt?


Have you been diagnosed with asthma?


Do any of your joints hurt?


Did the joint pain start suddenly?


Do you have a fast heartbeat or feel like your heart is racing?


Are you breathing more than 20 breaths per minute?


Is your nose or throat itchy or tingly?


Do your eyes look glassy, shiny, or glassed over?


Based on this triage it seems you might have a common cold. Other possibilities are flu and acute laryngitis. Please consult a General Practitioner. You may require a medical consultation when possible.

I will now reconnect you to a specialist to discuss further steps. Thank you and goodbye.

Who the healthcare voicebot is for

The healthcare voicebot will be used by a wide range of healthcare providers and health-related service providers. 

For medical institutions and clinics, the voicebot can:

  • perform medical triage over the phone 
  • administer prescriptions 
  • book appointments with medical professionals
  • update a patient’s medical records on a connected database

For medical and health insurers, the voicebot can: 

  • conduct health checks for screening and assessments
  • advise on eligibility for policies
  • update details in the policyholder records directly in real time
  • alert patients of policy renewal dates, upcoming premium payments or changes in policy terms.

For patients, the voicebot offers the convenience of 24/7 availability, multi-language support, and reliable health assessments backed by the power of Infermedica’s diagnostic engine.

Medical call center

Infermedica x Partnership

Phone-based health checks using voice AI are now possible through a unique collaboration between Infermedica and This new virtual health agent service carries out health assessments by phone with 93% diagnostic accuracy for most common ailments.

Hospitals, clinics, medical insurers and other health services are increasingly providing remote medical assessments by phone. Whether to triage a patient or carry out a pre-screening health assessment for an insurer, diagnostic interviews by phone play an important role in providing modern patient care. For many health service providers, however, scaling up reliable phone-based health assessment services is still a limiting factor in providing high quality patient care. 

Through this partnership, it is now possible for voice AI to carry out health checks reliably and at scale over the phone using’s intelligent voicebot platform supported by Infermedica’s powerful diagnostic engine. Our virtual health agents can tirelessly make thousands of health assessments by phone daily without ever dropping in accuracy or reliability.

How the voice AI health assessment works

Calling the voicebot

Using the service, a patient calls the voicebot and reports their symptoms. The voicebot continues to ask questions adaptively until a probable diagnosis is arrived at using the Infermedica diagnostics engine. Infermedica’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology helps ensure a high degree of accuracy in the assessments.

The voicebot intelligently recognizes a wide variety of ways by which callers might express their symptoms, from colloquial expressions to medical terminology, ensuring that it is easy for the caller to relay their symptoms to the service for accurate assessments. 

While the voicebot is able to handle this process from start to finish, there is always the option for it  to hand over the call to a human healthcare agent if the patient requests it or if there are some aspects of the assessment that are better handled by a human specialist.

Handling patient data

In addition to carrying out the health check, the voicebot can gather patient details, demographic information and other caller details relevant to the service. These details can be updated in the institution’s record system automatically by the voicebot platform.

The voicebot can also be programmed to follow up calls with an SMS, email or arrange follow-up appointments with a medical professional, depending on the needs of the patient or the healthcare service provider.

Patient data protection has been our priority. Infermedica’s diagnostic engine is both HIPAA compliant and GDPR compliant to ensure personal data is protected by industry recognized standards. Similarly, uses Amazon Web Servers (AWS), for their robust controls for security in the cloud. is also GDPR compliant.

Try the health check out by calling the number below:

Customer experience for voice AI powered health checks

  •’s voice AI technology helps create intelligent virtual health agents that patients can interact with naturally during their health checks. natural language processing technology (NLP) helps the voicebot understand conversational utterances and intents with a high degree of accuracy, allowing for conversations that flow naturally, even if the caller wants to ask something slightly off track, request clarification, or circumlocute in their response.

  • As a service, the voicebots are available 24/7 and because the service is easily scalable, call waiting times are drastically reduced even during the busiest call periods.

    Our voicebots also support calls in multiple languages. International healthcare providers and services can therefore conveniently offer the same standard of care across all the territories in which they operate in the preferred language of the caller.

The new partnership between Infermedica and is an excellent example of synergy. Driven by similar goals to support patients by providing better care earlier, the new integration between our companies will allow any healthcare organization to benefit from powerful virtual triage agents, without the need to write a single line of code. The solution is easily scalable and can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional call-center solutions. From 24/7 patient support to reduced strain on already overburdened healthcare systems, the advantages of automating the medical triage telephone process are vast for providers and patients alike.

  • Benefits of using Virtual
    Health Agents for Patients

    • Access the services 24/7
    • Multilingual support
    • Shorter waiting periods during peak call times
    • Natural, human-like interactions with the conversational AI
    • Accurate, reliable medical assessments on par with human-led assessments

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