Voice AI for the healthcare insurance industry

Cut call waiting times to zero with intelligent AI voice assistants

Intelligent automated voice assistants for healthcare insurers

Our voice assistants can help your team manage their inbound and outbound call processes with smart automation.

  • Automatically call when policies are due for renewal
  • Notify customers when there are updates to policies
  • Administer voice-based surveys and interview

Automate your first line contact

Deliver better, faster customer service through your contact center.

Our AI-powered voice assistants excel at answering your contact center’s most frequent calls. Answer all calls instantly and use voice AI to route more challenging queries to specialists.

Why use voice AI


  • Zero call waiting times

    Voicebots are a scalable service that handle all calls even during peak times

  • Tireless 24/7 patient care

    Enable callers to use your service at their convenience without adding to your overhead costs

  • Multilingual service

    Serve patients in their preferred languages with voice AI that can speak more than 15 languages

Thank you for contacting Trusted Insurance. How can I help you today?

API: 912-287-1244 calling
Caller: Ryan Smith

Hello, this is Ryan Smith. I’d like to file a claim on my car that got damaged in the recent hailstorm.

Intent: claim_filing

Of course, I can help you with that Ryan. For verification purposes, can you please tell me your date of birth?

DOB: 15th March, 1972

Sure, it’s the 15th of March, 1972.

DOB: verification_passed

Thank you. Now, please tell me what’s the number of your insurance policy? I’ll hold while you get it.

I’ve got it. It’s 72465913

API: Policy_72465913

Noted. I’m sending you an SMS with the link for you to submit the photos of the damaged property, along with the final details needed to process the claim.

API: send_confirmation_text

Can I help you with anything else today?

No that’s all, thank you for your help. Bye!

Alright, thank you and have a great day!

Hi, this is Martin calling from Reliable Insurance.

API: call 409-502-6849
Reason for call: insurance_renewal

Our records show that your house insurance is about to expire in May. Would you like to know more about the renewal plans available for you today?

Yes, that would be lovely, thanks.

Intent: learn_more

Brilliant. Is it ok to transfer you to an agent who can give you all the details?

I have a minute now, yeah, you can transfer me.

Alright, thanks for your time. I am transferring you now. One moment please.

API: transfer_inbound

Thank you for contacting Modern Insurance. How can I help you today?

API: 107-335-0472 calling
Caller: Martin Reader

Hi this is Martin Reader, I’d like to know the status of my car insurance claim?

Reason for call: car_claim_status

Hi Martin, for verification purposes, can you please tell me your date of birth?

DOB: 12.04.1978

4th of December, 1978


Thank you. And can you also tell me the last 4 digits of your social security number?




Thanks. Your car insurance claim is still under review.

Status: claim_under_review

Use cases for the insurance industry


Claim filing
Let customers file claims any time with Talkie voice assistants. The voicebot gathers all the information for the insurance claim and forwards it to either a live agent or the insurer’s system for further processing.


Automated renewal notifications
Notify customers of upcoming renewals with automated courtesy calls managed entirely by voice assistants.


Checking claim’s status
Let customers check the status of their claim as a self-service using the voice assistant. The voicebot can verify caller identity and answer questions on the caller’s current or past claims without the need for a live agent.

The benefits of virtual agents for healthcare insurance

  • For patients

    • Convenient self-service options
    • Multi-lingual support
    • 24/7 availability
  • For contact center staff

    • Voice AI handles the most common call transactions
    • Contact center staff are freed up to focus on specialist tasks
    • Automation of post-call administration
  • For your insurance business

    • Cost optimization
    • Improved customer experience
    • Easy implementation and integration of Talkie voicebots

Find out how voice AI can help transform your insurance business