Discover Talkie features

Talkie is an all-in-one platform that supports you every step of the voice assistant lifecycle

Talkie Virtual agent designer

Build a voice assistant from scratch or use pre-built components

Create conversation flows that fit your use case. Add spontaneous customer utterances that trigger specific actions. Choose how your AI agent’s voice sounds. Do it all, using a drag-and-drop interface that allows for efficient building and hassle-free changes.

  • Ready-to-use conversation blocks
  • Multiple language and voice options
  • Customer intent recognition and entity extraction
  • Dynamic content
Talkie Training

Improve and maintain quality with intuitive training tools

Use our training and testing suite to ensure a great customer experience before launch and anytime after to improve and maintain quality. You don’t need to start from scratch. Take advantage of our training data libraries to accelerate the voice assistant learning process.

  • Testing via voice and text
  • Manual and bulk training of unrecognized customer utterances
  • Training data libraries—industry-specific and general intents, utterances, and synonyms
Talkie Outbound Calling

Manage incoming and schedule outgoing calls

In addition to incoming call support, voice assistants can proactively reach your customers by phone or text. You can schedule when and how many times they should reach out for the best customer experience and business outcomes. 

  • Multiple simultaneous calls
  • Phone numbers purchase on demand
  • Voicemail detection
  • Contact center/IVR integration
  • Call transfers
Talkie Conversations

Discover customer insights

Listen to call recordings and review transcripts to learn what your customers want to achieve. Use search and filtering options to find conversations you’re interested in quickly.

  • Call recordings and transcripts
  • Data anonymization on demand
  • Search and filter options
  • Automatic tags
Talkie Analytics

Keep track of performance

Use in-app statistics to quickly overview the most important virtual assistant metrics or download raw data to create your own customized report.

  • Downloadable raw data
  • In-app statistics
  • API integration

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