Need smarter patient call access for your clinic?

Optimize your clinic front desk patient access with Talkie’s call automation platform.

Medical front desks are busy places. Talkie’s dedicated healthcare call automation platform makes it easy and cost-effective for healthcare providersvto manage virtual teams of AI-powered front desk voice assistants, on call 24/7/365.

Serve up to 80% high-volume routine patient calls autonomously at a fraction of the cost of a conventional call center with’s virtual medical voice assistant workforce.

Track essential call statistics and metrics

  • Keep track of every call handled by Talkie’s voice assistants.
  • Empower call center managers and operational decision makers with the call data and tools they need to continuously improve the patient experience.

Access each and every voice assistant conversation

  • Dig down into the details of each and every call with access to call recordings and text transcripts.
  • Save specialists valuable time spent in unnecessary patient call backs.


Advanced call automation services

Automate routine patient calls to clinics and hospitals with conversational AI-powered voice assistants as an efficient and call-friendly alternative to IVR and online portals.

We regularly add voice AI support for new processes based on demand and feedback from the industry.

  • Appointment scheduling

    24/7 call-based self-service appointment scheduling and notifications

  • Repeat prescription reordering

    Make it easy and convenient for patients to manage their repeat prescriptions over the phone as a self-service

  • Clinic FAQs

    Cut patient waiting times with instant access to interactive voicebots that answer caller’s common questions about your services

  • Telemedicine triage

    Reduce patient waiting times to see physicians with telemedicine triage managed by our medical voice assistants powered by leading AI and ML triage solutions

Integrate our voice AI platform with your existing EHR services

The Talkie platform integrates with leading EHR systems, such as Epic®, AthenaHealth and Cerner®, as well as leading omnichannel telecom solutions for fully automated patient self-service options. Save your clinic staff valuable time to focus on other areas of patient care.

Connect virtual assistant call data for custom clinic contact center reports

Our team can help you integrate data from our platform with your chosen business analytics software so you can build custom performance reports.

Be confident your patient data is handled securely is  HIPAA compliant and our platform uses advanced cybersecurity and modern encryption with Amazon Web Services to keep patient and medical data safe in and on its way to and from Talkie’s platform. Learn more over on our Security page.

Get up and running with our medical voice assistants quickly

Get up and running with call automation in just 2-4 months. Staff training is provided by our implementation experts. We’re here to make your voice automation services a success!

See our medical voice assistant platform in action

Request a demo of our platform. Our team of experts
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