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If you’re at the stage of picking virtual agent software, you probably already know the benefits of adding them to your customer service team. But how do you find a provider that is the right fit for your business? To help you check if Talkie is the solution for you, we prepared a list of key aspects that differentiate us from our competitors:

Customer service automation lets you become independent from technical teams

With Talkie, you don’t need to wait weeks until the tech team makes one change in your virtual agent script.

Talkie comes with a no-code platform that lets you have control over the entire virtual agent lifecycle. From planning to creation, testing, management, analytics, and further improvements. You don’t need to rely on expensive and often inaccessible tech teams.

The platform is created in a way that lets you point and click to get the virtual agent conversation script you want. You can easily use it without having a technical background, and our team is there for you to guide you through the process.

Automate at your own pace; get support when needed

While the platform is created in a way that lets you configure virtual agents on your own, our team works with you from day one to make the solution tailor-made for your business. We’ll be helping you choose the best processes to automate, create scripts, helping you build virtual agents, guiding you throughout the app and answer any questions you may have.

As you gain confidence in virtual agent creation, we give you the space to do it on your own, but stay close in case you need us.

Reactive and proactive customer service automation

Want to notify customers about their warranty claim status or let them know the product they asked about is back in stock? Virtual agents can not only receive calls but also make them. You have full control over the call conversation flow and schedule. Customers get the information they need, served on a platter, and your team doesn’t need to worry about keeping customers updated.

Virtual agents that respond to out-of-the-script questions

Talkie virtual agents work well for customer service because they can react appropriately to customer interruptions and come back to the script gracefully if needed.

It makes the interactions between humans and machines natural because conversations rarely follow a linear script. People change their minds, suddenly remember information and make mistakes. A properly set up Talkie virtual agent can handle these situations well.

Start small; see the ROI of customer service automation; invest more

You don’t need to make a significant investment and automate every single process before voice assistants start supporting your customers and your team.

Begin with one or a few most critical processes, and once you feel confident and see the ROI with your own eyes, you can automate more use cases. And with each virtual agent, the creation process is quicker as all virtual agents learn when you train one.

AI virtual agents alongside your customer support team

Talkie can be integrated with tools you already use, like a CRM, so the handoff between voice assistants and your team is smooth. There are no awkward moments when calls are transferred to live agents because your support team can easily access the conversation between the customers and virtual agents: no tab switching, forgotten passwords, and frustrated customers on the other end of the line.

Try AI voicebots for customer service

If we were to put it in one sentence how Talkieai is different than other virtual agent management providers, we would say that we guide and empower you to manage customer automation on your own instead of making you dependent on us.

Do you want to automate customer service?