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In the past few years, customer experience (CX) has become one of the most exciting aspects of business, and it is now clear that a great product alone is not enough.
Exceptional customer experience means more returning customers, more positive reviews, and more revenue. According to HubSpot Research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

How to keep customer satisfaction levels high in call centers without breaking the bank

Having all this information, customer service leaders are currently facing the problem of how to keep customers happy without having a very expensive CX team.

The answer to finding the happy medium between what’s good for your business and what’s good for the customers is automation. With the help of modern tech solutions, you can leverage the power of your existing team without losing the human touch.

In this article, I’ll show you areas where you can introduce automation into your business processes to improve customer satisfaction and bring more revenue while staying within the budget. 

Personalize communication at every step of the customer journey

According to a Shopify Study, 75% of consumers prefer brands to personalize messaging, offers, and experiences.

The problem is that buyers generate so much data that humans can’t process it manually. Luckily, modern automation technology can do it for you. It cleans up, assembles, and analyzes a large amount of information (e.g., buying history, browsing behaviors). You can use it to segment and personalize your customer communication and deliver it on a large scale.

Here are a few examples of content personalization automation:

  • Show different content on your site, depending on the customer’s buying history.
  • Create ads that target customers who have already shown an interest in specific products.
  • Use email automation tools to keep the customer in the loop every step of their experience with your brand: from product recommendation to order confirmation and feedback collection.

Key takeaway: use marketing automation tools to provide a personalized experience at every step of the customer journey to drive engagement and increase sales.

Free up your customer experience team’s time by automating business processes

Should your sales team spend most of their time updating CRM and filling out forms or talking to customers and closing deals? I’m guessing you prefer the latter.

You can orchestrate internal tools and processes together so repetitive tasks, like meeting scheduling or transferring data between software, can be done without human involvement.

Here’s a simple automated flow that your sales team could use:

  1. A customer schedules an appointment using the Calendly app on your site.
  2. This action creates an event in your sales team calendar and triggers a notification on the team’s Slack channel.
  3. At the same time, the information provided by the customer in Calendly is saved to CRM.

Automating operations not only saves your team’s time but also reduces the frustration that comes with performing mundane tasks. Your team becomes more engaged and motivated to provide amazing service and, as a result, brings in more revenue.

It also benefits your customers. There is no place for human error when basic interactions are automated. What’s more, every employee has access to the same information —consolidated in one place like CRM — so the buyer experience is consistent across all touchpoints with your brand.

Key takeaway: connect software used by your team like CRM, ticketing system, calendars, messaging apps to automate simple, repetitive tasks. You’ll see increased productivity and engagement in your team and higher CSAT thanks to a consistent customer experience.

Provide efficient round-the-clock support with customer service automation

Research from Forrester shows that 66% of adults believe the most important thing a company can do is value their time during a service interaction.

But it’s not feasible to have enough customer service agents to provide answers to customers right away and around the clock. Here’s where customer service automation and AI-powered virtual assistants like Talkie come into play:

  • Virtual agents can take infinite numbers of calls 24/7, reducing wait time, and alleviating customer frustration.
  • They take care of all the repetitive tasks without a hint of boredom: answer FAQs, schedule appointments, provide shipping information.
  • While they take care of the legwork, your team can pay extra attention to queries requiring a human touch.
  • AI-powered assistants can route customers to a specific team based on the inquiry. They get it right the first time, preventing customers from being switched between different employees multiple times. All information given to the virtual customer service agent can be passed to the human agent handling the case, so they can start working on the issue right away.

Key takeaway: make your AI assistants work along-side your team, not in their place. It will result in shorter wait times for customers, fewer repeated questions, and more time for your team to deal with the high-touch cases.

Continuously improve customer experience with feedback automation

Iteration is the key to all good things in life. That might be a slight exaggeration, but you need to keep listening to what your customers say and act on it to provide a consistently great customer experience. 

Nowadays, it doesn’t need to be a manual process. There are multiple ways to get feedback from your customers — automated emails, texts, or even virtual assistant calls. You create the content and set action triggers, and AI does the rest.

Not only data collection but feedback analysis can be automated. Say goodbye to manually going through hundreds of tickets to find what troubles your customers. With appropriate tools, you can automatically quantify customer experience at key journey points and get insightful data to track over time.

Key takeaway: automate feedback collection and analysis to quickly spot repeated customer issues and find areas to improve your business.

Try conversational AI to level up customer experience

Automation can help you find the sweet spot between efficiency and customer satisfaction. By taking care of all the simple, repetitive tasks, it frees up your team’s time to do empathetic, creative, high-level problem-solving. All that results in higher consistency, faster response time, and higher customer satisfaction levels.

It’s important to stress that automation should always go hand in hand with human agents, not replace them. Most consumers still value the human touch, and such interactions are the key to building lasting relationships. If you want to see how virtual agents can improve your customer experience, book our experts here for a demo.

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