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Customer service team

Automated customer service

Within every customer service team, there are processes that can be handed over to AI virtual agents. Whether it’s connecting to 1st line support, pre-evaluating inquiries, providing answers to FAQs, handling complaints, or other customer service processes, adding our AI voicebots to your repository can change the game for your customer satisfaction levels.

At Talkie.ai, we’re experts at implementing and supporting customer care automation. And the results? See your live agents become more productive, efficient, and simply happier!

Benefits of AI customer service bots

  • For your business

    • Lower costs of customer service
    • Better operational efficiency
    • Consistent brand personality
    • Easier customer team KPI success
    • Business insight from call analysis
  • For employees

    • Focus on more complex customer needs
    • More time to engage deeper in customer cases
    • Repetitive cases handled by AI speech bots
    • Less likelihood of team error
    • No duplicated team effort
  • For end customers

    • No waiting time
    • Consistent quality of service
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Round-the-clock availability
    • More frequent first-contact issue resolution

What our customers say about AI virtual agents

“After detailed discussions, a well-planned development process, and numerous tests and analyses, we can now boast a fantastically functioning, automated customer service thanks to the collaboration with Talkie.ai. I can confidently state that implementing the AI voicebot was a wise business decision.”

Tomasz Ciupa 

Call Center Manager – Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances

Talkie Conversations

Let AI voicebots do the heavy lifting

Free up the time of your customer service team to focus on more complex and empathy-driven customer issues. More routine tasks can be handled by our feature-rich AI voice bots:

  • Create conversation flows that AI customer service bots will follow
  • Use conversational AI to trigger specific actions 
  • ​​Plenty of ready-to-use conversation blocks
  • Multiple languages and voices available
  • Customer intent recognition and dynamic content
  • Contact center/IVR integration

Hear our AI virtual agent in action


Thank you for calling Beauty Heaven, virtual assistant Eve speaking. Would you like to make an appointment?

Yeah, so I’d like to get a haircut this Thursday at 2 PM, at your Times Square location.

Great! Would you like to make the appointment with your regular stylist, Jessica?

Yes, please.

Alright. Jessica’s closest available appointment is at 3 PM this Thursday. Would that work for you?


Great, Jessica will be happy to see you then.

Let me confirm the details of your booking: Thursday, May 5th at 3 PM in Times Square Center. Is this correct?

Yeah, that checks out.

Awesome. You should receive your booking confirmation via text shortly.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

No, thank you very much. Goodbye!

Brilliant. Have a nice day!


Hi, Jamie from Guardian Security here. We just received a notification that your alarm at your home has been triggered.

Would you like us to send the police?

No, sorry, I forgot to disarm it in time.

Okay. Can you verify your safeword, please?

Yes. It is Red Dawn.

Okay, great. Thanks for verifying that. Have a nice day!

Good morning! Thank you for choosing Sky Hotel. I’m Tanya, your virtual assistant. How can I help you?

Hi, my name is Steve Lynch, and I’d like to request an early check-in for my booking.

Sure, I’ll be happy to help. Could you just tell me your reservation number? I'll wait on hold until you find it.

Yeah, I have it here, it’s 41 34 40.

Got it. Early check-in is available for your booking starting on the 2nd of June.

What time would you like to check-in?

10 AM, please.

Perfect, your early check-in for 10 AM has been added to your booking. You should get a confirmation text shortly.

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that’s all. Thanks so much, bye!

Thank you, have a nice day!

Efficient call center automation

Listen to how one of our AI speech bots handles this common inquiry. An efficient virtual call center translates into improved rates of first-contact issue resolution, reduced customer waiting times, and greater success routing customer calls to the right service teams. Unlike live agents, a virtual assistant can successfully process customer requests like this around the clock.

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