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This month we raised $800k from Movens VC and LT Capital and the funds secured an option to invest another $530k as a bridge round. We’re proud and excited as the funding not only helps us grow faster but also gives validation to our product and strategy.

Talkie was created with the mission to make AI easier and more accessible to businesses. We’re working hard to provide a one-stop-shop where you can design, manage, and train your AI-powered virtual agents without the need for a tech team.  This way you can focus on improving customer experience while our virtual agents take care of repetitive interactions with customers.

Thanks to this approach, we are disrupting the voicebot market. Instead of long-term, costly, low-level programming, we offer a one-stop-shop that allows our customers to create AI-powered voice assistants on their own. We can already see that our clients appreciate the autonomy that the Talkie platform gives them, specifically the ability to tweak and test scripts without relying on our team’s availability.” says Pawel Lipinski, co-founder, and CEO of Talkie.ai.

What’s in store for our customers

Talkie already offers a range of easy-to-use features like a drag and drop designer, powerful analytics, and a dialer for outbound calls. As we continue the mission to create a self-service platform, our goal for the upcoming months is to make our customers become fully independent in all stages of the process. We want to empower them to take advantage of artificial intelligence without the need to learn about the technical details. At the same time, we’ll always stay close and offer a helping hand when it’s needed.

In the upcoming months, we are focusing our development efforts on speeding up and streamlining the process of building virtual agents by creating ready to use modules and process-specific templates. With client autonomy in mind, we are extending our tools for smart and quick training of virtual agents based on call transcripts. We are also experimenting with using Talkie in physical objects such as automated kiosks and vending machines, which opens a world of possibilities.” says Ada Andruszkiewicz, co-founder, and Head of Product at Talkie.ai

Talkie is used by customers from many different industries like beauty, energy, finance, and insurance. We know that our product can help businesses wherever there are repetitive interactions with customers. Now, it’s on us to show how virtual agents can improve customer satisfaction, optimize costs, and generate revenue.

We want to thank those who put their trust in us. We’ve had a brief moment to celebrate, but we’re back to being laser-focused on making our product bigger and better.

About our investors:

Movens VC is an early-stage fund investing in Polish/CEE companies with global potential. They focus on businesses that will revolutionize traditionally large industries mainly through the use of ML/AI in process automation. Their ticket ranges from $0.25M to $1M. The fund is managed by former entrepreneurs with extensive experience in building technology companies and their scaling on the international stage.

LT Capital invests up to €250,000 in Polish technology start-ups with international potential, mainly in such segments as artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, smart city, autonomous vehicles, robotics, IoT, and AR / VR.