AI Phone Automation for Better Patient Access is the best solution for you medical facility. Try the best voicebots for hospital
The best AI phone assistant solution for medical facility
  • 100% instantly answered calls from patients
  • 93% efficiency
    in confirming appointments
  • 0s on-hold time
    for patients
  • 60% call center
    costs reduction

Improve patient engagement with voice AI’s medical voice assistants offer patients a wide range of automated self-service options
when they call a healthcare provider.

  • Intelligent Front Door
  • FAQ
  • Intelligent intake
  • Promoting Patient Self-Service

Intelligent Front Door

Enhance digital engagement by directing your patients to the right department, or your website based on what they say, not the IVR tree.


Answer your patients’ most pressing questions without keeping them on hold. Trained voice assistants answer all the pre-defined questions, reducing wait times and frustration.

Intelligent intake

Enable your patients to leave essential information with the voice assistant even when your staff is not available.

Promoting Patient Self-Service

Empower your patients to use your online portal saving your front-desk staff’s valuable time.

Increase patient access with voice AI

Precise call routing on steroids

Precise call routing on steroids

Patients spend a lot of time navigating complex IVRs. 15% of the time, they get through to the wrong person, or wait a long time for the representative to answer a simple question regarding the office’s opening hours. With AI voice assistants, your patients will swiftly get routed to the correct department simply by saying what they are looking for. Oh, and their FAQs will be answered instantly.

Managing appointments without any hassle

Managing appointments without any hassle

The majority of patient calls concern scheduling, changing, or canceling their appointments.’s voice assistants empower your patients to manage their appointments without waiting on hold ever again. And with our voice AI trained not to sleep, calls from patients can be answered 24/7.

Automated prescription refills

Automated prescription refills

Collecting repeat prescription refill orders is not very difficult. It just takes time. Let the voice assistant do the majority of heavy lifting, and free up your staff from handling these calls. The best part? We deliver the results in a clearly formatted report, so your medical staff can get through them faster than ever.

no-show no more

No-show, no more

Patients miss appointments for a variety of reasons – but there is no reason for you not to help them make it. With automated appointment reminders, your no-show rate will drop drastically, and your operational efficiency will soar. Your AI assistant can call, text, and send emails, so you are certain your patients show up.

Collecting data with

Collecting data when you can’t

Using conversational voice to interact with patients, we can collect patient details such as symptoms, personal information, medication requests, or appointment details, and provide these details to the staff. This greatly enhances the patient experience, reduces the workload on the staff, and disposes the need for the patient to leave a voicemail or be put on hold.

Smart patient activation

To stay healthy, your patients need to do their annual checkups, prostate exams, or mammograms. AI voice assistants can scour through your EHR, and call when it’s high time for an appointment. They also help you promote seasonal campaigns like flu shots or back-to-school physicals.

Automate with

Automate what you need

Some challenges are greater than others. With our flexible solution, you can choose the processes your registration team needs to automate the most. Even automating a single type of call will take a lot of pressure off your staff.

You're special

You’re special! ✨

Each clinic is different. Each clinic has different needs. And while most calls are similar, we understand your needs may be unique. That’s why we designed our voice assistants to be highly customizable. During the exploratory phase, we’ll design a process that perfectly matches your clinic’s soul and voice.

What’s it like using

Talkie AI has been a useful tool in reducing staff workloads and increasing our efficiency in answering calls. Patients are now able to submit refill requests, schedule appointments, and receive other vital information without having to speak to a staff member. Talkie AI always has their finger on the pulse of our practice, as they regularly make recommendations for new and more effective ways to leverage their technology to achieve our stated goals. We are so glad that we have found such an innovative partner in the Talkie AI team. 

Thanks to, our callers are more relaxed, and our front desk staff is less overloaded. The reduction in calls we had to handle was noticeable immediately.
I really recommend as they have a great team and the entire experience was phenomenal.

Secure and compliant

Maintaining the highest level of data security is crucial, especially when it comes to sensitive patient data. To prove that we’re taking it seriously, we passed the SOC 2 type I audit. Now, you can be sure, your data will be handled in accordance with top-notch security practices, and HIPAA guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are voice assistants?’s voice assistants are voicebots that use advanced AI and speech recognition to automate call center and front desk services for healthcare facilities.

  • Can voice assistants speak more than one language?

    They sure can! Our voice assistants are available in a growing list of 15 + languages. Augment your contact center services with multilingual voice assistants who are available 24/7 to help your callers. Read more about improving the patient experience with 24/7 medical reception services here.

  • Is the healthcare voice assistant available 24/7?

    Absolutely. Our healthcare voicebot is designed to provide round-the-clock assistance. Whether it’s the middle of the night or the break of dawn, it’s always ready to support your patients.

  • How accurate and reliable is the information provided by the healthcare voicebot?

    We pride ourselves on the near 100% comprehension and reliability of the information our voicebot provides. It’s built with cutting-edge AI, constantly updated with the latest healthcare guidelines to ensure your patients receive trustworthy assistance.

  • How do you handle patient data?

    We take data security incredibly seriously. To ensure that your patients’ data is handled with the most secure, and recent practices, we’ve completed a SOC2 audit. We use advanced encryption and comply with all healthcare data protection regulations (including HIPAA) to ensure your patient’s data remains confidential and secure.

  • Does the voicebot have to integrate with my EHR?

    No. Voicebots can answer FAQs, take prescription renewal requests, cancel, or reschedule their appointments, and more without the integration with your EHR.

  • How does the voicebot work?

    Your patients can speak to it as they would to a human. The voicebot will understand the caller, and provide relevant information and support based on the pre-programmed answers your team chooses. This also means that the voicebot can only say the phrases you teach it to say. Our AI voicebot operates using advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

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