Voice AI for Transportation and Logistics

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Prevent lost opportunities with powerful AI virtual agents

While global supply chain activities have surpassed the $10 trillion mark over the last two decades, the interlinked supply networks have grown riskier (McKinsey). At least one firm in every twenty suffers a loss of more than $100 million in a single year as a result of supply chain interruptions. Conversational AI enables a slew of new opportunities for mitigating supply chain risks. Many of the procedures are repetitive and don’t need human involvement, which makes them a perfect case for automation with the help of virtual agents. 


Hear our AI virtual agent in action


Hi. Thank you for calling Fast Delivery. How can I help you?

I want to know when my parcel will be delivered

Sure, just give me a moment

There is one parcel associated with your phone number. Its tracking number ends with 4203. Do you want to check the shipping status of this parcel?

Yes, please

The parcel should be delivered tomorrow between 8 am and 1 pm

Thanks, that’s everything I wanted to know. Bye bye!

Bye! Have a nice day

Order tracking AI speech bot

Supply chain visibility isn’t just a buzzword anymore, and both individual and enterprise customers require full transparency in terms of order tracking. But for consultants, checking tracking information is monotonous and error-prone, as a tired employee can easily make a mistake entering the data provided by the customer on the phone. AI agents never get bored and can answer these calls with the same precision at any time of day.

Proven use cases for AI voicebots in transportation and logistics

Talkie.ai virtual agents can automate many administrative tasks from appointment management to prescription issuing to triaging symptoms.

  • Request delivery service or book a ride

    The virtual agent can manage the process of ordering a delivery service or booking transportation from start to finish. It can gather all relevant data, communicate with internal systems, offer real-time availability information, and confirm orders, among other features. Similar to a live agent, the AI virtual agent can recognize and authenticate required information on the spot, such as pickup and delivery locations, special requests, number of passengers, pricing, insurance, and many more. 

  • FAQs, pricing, and shipping rules

    Instead of the outdated IVR system where customers need to go through a maze of pre-recorded messages, the bot can ask “What would you like to know?” and provide the right answer based on what the customer says. The bot can provide pre-programmed responses to frequently asked queries about pricing, weight limitations, and delivery schedules, among other things. It always provides the same level of service, and your customers will save time by not having to wade through irrelevant content on your website.

  • Feedback and complaints

    The transportation and logistics industry is very competitive, so it’s important to listen to customers’ needs and requests. AI agents can help you gather customer feedback and suggestions for improving your product or service. They can ask a few questions at the end of the call, send a link to a survey via text, or call the customer at a time convenient for them. Having access to virtual agent statistics and call transcripts, you can easily aggregate and analyze the feedback

Order tracking virtual agent support Apaczka

Learn how Apaczka increased the number of answered calls by 30% without bolstering employment in their contact center. 

Virtual agents benefits for logistics and transportation organizations

  • For customers

    • Consistent level of service
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
  • For employees

    • Better work comfort for customer service consultants
    • Upskilling opportunities
    • More meaningful tasks
  • For your business

    • Cost optimization 
    • Validate data quickly and effectively
    • Easy implementation and integration of Talkie.ai voice bots

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