Voice AI for Outbound Campaigns

Use Talkie.ai for proactively contacting any volume of prospects and customers

Outbound campaigns on your own terms

Scale up your outbound call center strategy to reach more customers than ever without significantly increasing your costs with the Talkie.ai Outbound Campaign Manager. Get the campaign results you need with the unlimited capacity of our conversational AI platform with its robust scheduling features and campaign automation. 

Talkie.ai can be configured to place outgoing calls for lead generation and qualification, appointment reminders, surveys, debt collection, and much more.

Let our Talkie.ai virtual agents solve common campaign challenges:

  • Increase the number of people contacted without scaling up the headcount
  • Standardize call conditions, such as time of day, messages used, or tone of voice to run effective A/B tests and improve conversion rates
  • Reach prospects outside of regular business hours 
  • Outsource cold calling and other repetitive customer interactions without losing on quality and control over the outsourced team


Talkie.ai helps Columbus Energy streamline outbound campaigns

Learn how Columbus Energy implemented Talkie.ai to automate lead qualification, lead warming, and event promotion

Hi, this is Martin calling from Reliable Insurance.

Our records show that your house insurance is about to expire in May. Would you like to know more about the renewal plans available for you today?

Yes, that would be lovely, thanks.

Brilliant. Is it ok to transfer you to an agent who can give you all the details?

I have a minute now, yeah, you can transfer me.

Alright, thanks for your time. I am transferring you now. One moment please.

AI voice assistants that work hand in hand with humans

Your live agents don’t want to say the exact same thing over and over again when performing outbound calls. Our AI speech bots can take over the mundane, repetitive part of the job, and let your live agents focus on the customer conversations that matter. Talkie.ai supports human-machine cooperation, so calls can be easily routed to agents, or rescheduled when agents are available. Additionally, Talkie.ai can be connected to your internal systems like a CRM, so employees can have all the information collected by the AI voicebots in one place.

Talkie Outbound Calling

Contact prospects at the right time

The user-friendly interface of Talkie.ai lets you easily set up a precise campaign plan. Choose when, how many times, and via what channels your customers should be contacted. No more risking spamming customers, or accidentally failing to call back. Customers have the option to reschedule, which means that fewer leads are missed

“We decided to implement a voice assistant to automate the soft debt collection process. Thanks to Talkie.ai, the amount of arrears paid increased significantly, while the costs of servicing this process decreased. In most cases, one bot conversation was enough for the customers to pay their debts.”

Monika Mosakowska, Head of Billing at Apaczka

Talkie Conversations

Keep track of the most important metrics

Talkie.ai has robust reporting features, letting you keep track of conversion rates or A/B test results, making it easy to see how well the campaign is doing. Having access to all call recordings and transcripts, you can get a deeper understanding of what the customers are saying and use the knowledge to improve the process further.

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