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Voice AI for Healthcare

Improve the patient experience with AI virtual agents

Healthcare facilities turn to AI to meet patients expectations

The administrative burden of running a healthcare facility grows every year. Staff struggle to service patients at the clinic while simultaneously answering phones in a timely manner. Many patients who cannot contact a facility simply choose another. 

With increasing expectations to make better use of resources, healthcare organizations are turning to conversational AI technology to handle the complexities of scheduling and automate typical healthcare-related processes. It’s not surprising that the global healthcare virtual agent market is expected to reach $1.76 billion by 2025.

Hear our AI virtual healthcare agent in action


Thank you for contacting Easy Health. If this is an emergency, please say or dial 9-1-1. How can I help you today?

Hi, Cliff Marks here. I would like to book an appointment with my primary care physician.

Hello Cliff, for verification purposes, can you tell me your date of birth?

Sure, it's 6th of July 1980.

Thank you so much.

Dr. Norman's first available appointment is this Thursday at 3 PM. Does that work for you?

Yeah, that's perfect.

Great. Your appointment is scheduled for 3 PM, Thursday, the 2nd of June. I'll send you a confirmation text shortly.

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that's everything. Cheers!

Bye. Have a nice day!

Appointment management AI agent

Missed appointments cost the US healthcare system $150B every year. Easy scheduling and automatic reminders will help you significantly increase patient adherence. Our voice bots excel in scheduling appointments and follow-ups, as well as confirming, modifying, and reminding patients of upcoming appointments and accepting cancellations.

How healthcare virtual agents
support Medidesk

Check how speech bots help Medidesk’s clients provide excellent customer service to patients while decreasing costs.

Proven use cases for virtual healthcare agents virtual agents can automate many administrative tasks from appointment management to issuing prescriptions. With support from medical specialists and databases of medical reference, virtual healthcare agents can also assist in the triage of patients.

  • Issuing prescriptions

    Ordering and obtaining regular medication is a recurring hassle that only adds to the burden of dealing with a chronic illness. To save time for everyone involved in the process, the virtual agent can collect the data, send it to an internal system, and notify the patient that the prescription is ready for collection.

  • Proactive support

    Virtual agents are not only able to handle incoming questions and requests but they can also proactively contact patients. A voicebot can contact patients to keep them looped in and increase their engagement, from notifying them about the availability of test results, to sending notifications of an appointment date change, to sending reminders for parents about an upcoming checkup for their kids.

  • Patient triage

    The virtual agent may be the patient’s first contact when they notice worrying symptoms. The virtual agent can triage the symptoms and suggest specific actions or escalate to a specialist. Our medical database is fed with the world of science and medicine with 40,000+ hours of physician review.

  • Billing and collections

    Collection calls are often unpleasant for employees and patients. AI voice bots can take over this process, increasing comfort for both sides. They can remind patients about upcoming payments and resolve outstanding balances faster with inbound/outbound calls to collect or arrange payment terms.

What our customers say about AI virtual consultants

“Our clients have achieved amazing results with Talkie. They can serve double the customers, patients get a better experience, and front-desk employees can finally focus on quality instead of quantity.”

Anna Brzostowska 

Project Manager – Medidesk

Virtual agents benefits for healthcare organizations

  • For patients

    • Consistent standard of service
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
  • For employees

    • Better work comfort for front-desk and admin employees
    • Upskilling opportunities
    • More meaningful tasks
  • For your business

    • Cost optimization 
    • Improved patient adherence 
    • Easy implementation and integration of Talkie voice bots

Provide excellent customer service to patients with the help of AI

You don’t need to go all-in without seeing the results first.  Read about our proven small steps approach to virtual agent implementation.