How ING Lease Poland became available to customers 24/7

Project goals: Customer experience supported by AI virtual agents


Increasing availability for customers at ING Lease Poland was built on three major goals:

  • Handling a high volume of customer inquiries outside the standard office hours
  • Expanding to 24/7 availability for customer inquiries
  • Exploring an AI-based communication channel based on implementation with a low entry threshold

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About the customer

ING Lease is a leading European leasing company, offering a complete array of finance and operating leases, handled and managed by a team located across six European subsidiaries, including Poland. ING Lease is active in 13 countries in Europe and ranks among Europe’s top-five leasing companies. In 2021 ING Lease Poland received a Customer Laurel Award and was named Top Brand 2021.

The customer says it best

"Adopting an iterative approach to implementing voicebots very quickly gave us input to make early adjustments and improvements to the automation process. On top of that, a truly transparent and partner collaboration with the team enabled us to try and test how our customer base would react and respond to interacting with an AI voice agent."
Adam Banaszkiewicz Product and Process Management Team at Agile Center of ING Lease Poland

AI Solutions for Customer Intentions voicebots now handle the most common customer inquiries related to lease cessions.
Our virtual agents use artificial intelligence to match and map customer speech with intents.

Automated customer service processes

The key processes that were automated are focused on informing the customers
about the cession progress as well as the required documentation.

  1. 1

    Verifying if a customer is pre-approved to apply for a cession

  2. 2

    Monitoring the collection of the required documents

  3. 3

    Monitoring the process, including the price, deadlines, and cession status

Background of AI voicebot implementation

The implementation covered automating of processing almost twenty different examples of customer inquiries
and matching them with the intents behind the conversations.


The first round of questions that an AI voicebot was tasked to recognize and respond to was singled out in a joint workshop environment where the ING Lease Poland customer service team submitted their first-hand knowledge about customer challenges.

During the first iteration of the implementation, conversation replies to questions that were not discovered earlier were added to the inventory.

In this way, the customer interactions that have been mapped cover as many as 82% of all the inquiries, the percentage in itself being very high given the complex and diverse nature of all potential customer utterances and expressions. In other cases, a conversation can always be handed over to a human agent so that the customer can be served without taking any further action.

Another benefit was simplifying the language of the customer-facing messages. This way, the customer communication has been well adjusted to the phone mode specificity.

  • 82% The percentage of correctly recognized
    customer enquiries
  • 20 The number of customer intents
    voicebots were trained
    to recognized
  • 30% The share of customer enquiries
    handled by voicebots

Benefits of

Implement to see the benefits of voice AI for customer experience

    • Handle more customer inquiries without increasing the customer team headcount
    • Focus on more complex customer inquiries, hand over the simple ones to AI voicebots
    • AI voicebots available to customer inquiries outside of regular business hours

Open up your customer service to 24/7 availability