Conversational AI for Travel and Hospitality

Provide stress-free experiences for guests with AI voice agents

AI voice solutions can help alleviate the pains of the travel industry

AI voice solutions can help alleviate the pains of the travel industry

Travel and hospitality are driven by great customer service. Passengers often find themselves in a position when they need to suddenly make changes to their reservation, reschedule a flight due to being in a quarantine, or just want to confirm their travel details. In such situations, they don’t want to spend 20 minutes or even longer on hold, waiting to be connected to a live agent. Remove the frustration of waiting to speak to a live agent for customers of your travel or hospitality business with’s conversational AI. With call center automation, they no longer need to wait to speak to an agent. Most transactional calls from customers can be solved on the spot by our AI-powered voicebot. 

Hear our AI travel agent in action


Good morning! Thank you for choosing Sky Hotel. I’m Tanya, your virtual assistant. How can I help you?

Hi, my name is Steve Lynch, and I’d like to request an early check-in for my booking.

Sure, I’ll be happy to help. Could you just tell me your reservation number? I'll wait on hold until you find it.

Yeah, I have it here, it’s 41 34 40.

Got it. Early check-in is available for your booking starting on the 2nd of June.

What time would you like to check-in?

10 AM, please.

Perfect, your early check-in for 10 AM has been added to your booking. You should get a confirmation text shortly.

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that’s all. Thanks so much, bye!

Thank you, have a nice day!

Booking management virtual agent

Our AI speech bots can take customers through the entire booking process, just as a human agent would. They can be designed to book flights, hotel rooms, tours, or rental cars. Because you can connect them to your CRM systems, our voice assistants can offer customers a personalized experience. For example, our voicebots can ask your customers if they want to stay at the same hotel as they did when traveling to San Francisco in the past.

Here are just some of the booking processes that our AI agent can help your customers with: 

  • New reservations 
  • Reservation changes
  • Cancellations
  • Confirmations (e.g. email or text after the booking is confirmed)
  • Collections (e.g. late payments)
  • Claims (e.g. warranty)

How TUI powered customer service with conversational AI

Find out how TUI, a leading travel service provider operating worldwide, uses AI virtual agents

Proven AI travel agent use cases virtual agents can automate many administrative tasks from booking management to itinerary notifications to room service.

  • Smart routing

    Misrouted calls are costly for contact centers and frustrating for customers. With AI agents, you say goodbye to the traditional IVR (press 4 to…) and instead greet customers with ‘How can I help you?’ The AI agent extracts the intent from the customer utterance and connects them to the right person – or even handles the inquiry itself. It’s fast, efficient, and works with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Travel notifications & emergency response

    Keep travelers in the know about upcoming travel plans, changes in their itinerary, and other relevant information through voice or SMS channels automatically with’s virtual assistants. By letting your customers know what’s happening ahead of time, you can save them a lot of stress which will have a big impact on their satisfaction levels with your business.

  • Virtual concierge & room service

    If your customer service team provides amenities at a business lounge, at an airport, or even room service for a hotel, our virtual agents can take over processing these requests, so humans can focus on delivering them. Our AI agents can handle most standard customer requests over the phone, such as collecting food and drink orders or providing information about the local attractions.

  • Reward programs 

    One way to keep your customers coming back is to reward them for constantly choosing your brand. But with so many loyalty programs available, customers find it difficult to keep track of them and end up needing to call the help desk to check their point balance, activate cards, request missing points, and so on. All these repetitive calls can make up a big part of your call volume, even though each conversation only takes 30 seconds. Our voice assistants can handle these types of calls automatically, freeing up your live agents to focus on more complex customer calls.

Virtual agents benefits for travel and hospitality organizations

  • For customers

    • Consistent standard of service
    • Improved guest satisfaction
    • 24/7 availability
  • For employees

    • Better work comfort for employees
    • Upskilling opportunities
    • More meaningful tasks
  • For your business

    • Cost optimization 
    • Higher customer satisfaction = more returning customers
    • Easy implementation and integration of Talkie voice bots

Provide excellent customer service to guests with the help of AI

You don’t need to go all-in without seeing the results first; try our proven small steps to virtual agent implementation.