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Over the last few years, voice bots and chatbots have established themselves in a wide array of industries and business sectors.

So naturally, AI can can give invaluable assistance in the HR and Recruitments industry: both to staff and applicants. From initial contact and recruitment to onboarding, training, and employee support, AI agents can free up your human resources department. Virtual agents not only can save HR teams significant time, but their increased efficiency also results in significant cost savings.

AI voice agents in HR – Use cases


Your recruitment team’s primary responsibilities include responding to inquiries about open positions, clarifying the application procedure, and scheduling employment interviews, and leading the candidate throughout the entire process.  However, these tasks consume a significant amount of time. Virtual agents can take over some of them, particularly in the initial stages. They can provide information to applicants, collect data, respond to inquiries, accept applications, and transfer the information to your internal systems.


Human resource professionals are well aware of how time intensive it is to train new workers. The same questions are asked, and the same processes are outlined repeatedly. This is where an internal virtual agent can be really beneficial. For example, human resources voice assistants can teach new employees about corporate processes and standards. Additionally, they can supply onboarding materials or shine light on the position’s established goals and objectives. This saves the HR team considerable time. This time can then be spent on interpersonal aspects of onboarding and team development.

Learning and development

Virtual agents are a wonderful medium for continuing training, and not just for new hires. Conventional staff training programs could be updated with the help of voice assistants. Employees may inquire at any moment and receive assistance with their individual difficulties. Additionally, they may learn at their own pace, and you can collect direct feedback from them via the AI agent to acquire a better understanding of the training’s quality and employee happiness.

Business specific FAQ

Employees spend a significant amount of time attempting to find solutions to simple questions. Frequently, however, it is only a matter of knowing where to search. A virtual agent simplifies this procedure significantly by serving as a primary point for all company-related inquiries. Employees receive critical information much more quickly, saving time and increasing productivity.

Communication inside the organization

Effective communication is critical to the success of any company effort. Failure to manage it effectively will result in frustrations and failures. Intelligent human resources chatbots can bolster internal communication by providing information, updates, assistance, and feedback.

Scheduling appointments

With virtual agents, the never-ending back and forth over the best time for a meeting or finding an empty space is over. Without further email correspondence, a simple text or voice request to the voice assistant will bring up calendars and organize meetings.

The benefits of virtual agents in HR

  • 24/7 availability: Whether it’s a question regarding an applicant’s status or remaining vacation days, the virtual agent is available to interested parties and staff 24 hours a day, without any wait times.
  • Better communication and engagement: Engage with your applicants from the start and guide them through the application process in a proactive and automated manner.
  • Increased productivity: With the assistance of HR AI agents, employees may devote their time to more difficult duties, hence increasing your team’s productivity in both internal and external operations.
  • Effective data collection: Voice assistants are capable of not only interacting with candidates and employees, but also collecting critical data and integrating it with current systems.
  • Cost reduction: By efficiently utilizing resources and automating the appropriate process steps, chatbots not only save time, but also money.

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