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If you aren’t planning on automating your contact center with voice AI in 2022, you might be at a disadvantage.

We get it. Adopting new technology of any kind is a big commitment for any business.

  • It takes time to evaluate vendor offerings and compare them to find out which one is right for your business.
  • It takes time and effort to bring together stakeholders and reach a committed consensus to move forward.
  • It also takes a lot of organizing to get together the right team to execute.
  • Your teams aren’t ready for change.

There might be other reasons why your business is not adopting voice AI automation in 2022, but here are just some of the things your contact center will be missing out on.

Offering 24/7 customer support will remain more expensive than if you used voice AI

You want to be able to offer customers 24/7 support through your contact center but the staff costs to do so can be prohibitive. Outsourcing is not only expensive compared to using voicebots but can also reduce the quality of the customer service experience you offer.

Having a contact center where your voicebots work around the clock is not only inexpensive, but also delivers consistent quality. In fact, some of our clients estimate that they have saved between 30-40% of what they used to pay for outsourced customer support by using voice AI.

Read how one of the largest hair and beauty services chains in the world used voice AI so customers could make appointments around the clock instead of just during busy opening hours.

Multilingual customer support will remain more expensive and possibly inconsistent without voice AI

Similarly, if you want or need to offer multilingual services at your contact center, finding human agents to cover all your bases can be challenging and make costs higher than if you used voicebots. Voicebots can easily and affordably switch between languages while maintaining a consistent level of service.

Staff turnover and costs will be higher than if you used voice AI

Voicebots excel at performing high frequency, repetitive transactional tasks – exactly the sort of tasks that humans quickly find exhausting. If your contact center relies on a lot of processes like that, your staff are more likely to experience burnout and quit sooner than if there are voicebots to help with the heavy lifting. This adds up to a lot of extra operational cost for your business in hiring and training.

Also, without a voicebot taking care of repetitive tasks at your contact center, your human specialists spend more time answering calls and less time focusing on dealing with more complex issues, problem solving and the kinds of quality oriented tasks at which they excel.

You might find yourself trailing behind your competitors

We don’t think it is a big secret anymore, but a large number of businesses are looking to automate customer service and customer support with conversational AI. A recent report estimates that by 2030, the conversational AI market will have grown by at least 20% (CAGR).

Your competitors might be one of those businesses already making use of conversational AI to offer better 24/7 customer service. The longer you leave it, the further ahead they will be and they might be taking your customers with them.

Peak periods will continue to put your contact center resources under strain

If your contact center experiences peaks or surges in calls, you probably either accept that customers will need to wait on the line longer during these periods or you hire more people to cope with the fluctuations. One is bad for customers, the other not great for your bottom line. With voice AI automation, you can easily and affordably scale up your call capacity during peak periods and scale back down when things quieten down without having to let anyone go. And without the support of voice AI, your core team will have less time in peak periods to deal with important customer issues.

Customer data collection will continue to rely on your manual processes

While skilled human agents can be good at data entry, voicebots excel at it. If your contact center team has to do a lot of data entry during or following calls, the quality of the data will depend on their accuracy. The more data entry they do in a day, the higher the chance that errors will start to creep in. And more time on data entry equals less time focusing on quality oriented issues.

A good voicebot platform can simply sync up with your CRM database and update records automatically on the fly, saving your team valuable time and ensuring better quality data gets captured the first time round.

The benefits of the Talkie.ai platform

With Talkie.ai’s voicebot automation platform, we make it easy for businesses to get started using advanced conversational AI to automate their contact center processes.

  • No need for third-party intermediary platform solutions
  • Ability to scale up or scale down contact center call capacity without increasing headcount
  • Predictable model of costs for increasing call capacity
  • Lower levels of staff attrition due to the voicebot handling exhausting or repetitive tasks previously handled by human agents
  • High degree of accuracy and automation in data collection

You can read more about the benefits of using voice AI for customer service automation with this use case.

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