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Smarter, faster-to-deploy medical voicebots thanks to new intent detection

Smarter, faster-to-deploy voicebots from Talkie.ai are now ready thanks to new intent detection. Our voicebot platform allows you to rapidly deploy business-ready virtual agents.

AI and multilingual support: A cost-effective way to reach your global audience

In an ideal world, brands that sell internationally would be able to hire customer service reps that speak every one of the languages spoken by their customers. Research clearly indicates that...

How AI virtual agents can automate lead generation

We’ve noticed that there aren’t many articles that describe how the process of implementing AI voice assistants looks like in detail. We decided to start a series that will dispel any doubts…

Will AI Replace the Human Workforce? Myths and Facts about AI Voice Assistants.

Technological disruption and innovation are the terms that introduce us to the world we used to read about in sci-fi literature, but for some people, they set off alarm bells. The future is…