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Thank you for contacting Easy Health. How can I help you today?

API: 126-381-0226 calling
Caller: Cliff Marks

Hi, Cliff Marks here. I would like to book an appointment with my primary care physician.

Recording avatar
Intent: Appointment_request
API: primaryCare_NormanMD

Hello Cliff, for verification purposes, can you tell me your date of birth?

DOB: 6th July, 1980

Sure, it's 6th of July 1980.

Recording avatar
DOB: verification_passed

Thank you so much.

Dr. Norman's first available appointment is this Thursday at 3 PM. Does that work for you?

Yeah, that's perfect.

Recording avatar
Appointment date: June 2nd, 3:00 PM
API: update_cal_NormanMD

Great. Your appointment is scheduled for 3 PM, Thursday, the 2nd of June. I'll send you a confirmation text shortly.

API: send_confirmation_text

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that's everything. Cheers!

Recording avatar

Bye. Have a nice day!

Good morning! Thank you for choosing Sky Hotel. I’m Tanya, your virtual assistant. How can I help you?

Hi, my name is Steve Lynch, and I’d like to request an early check-in for my booking.

Caller: Steve Lynch
Reservation number: 413440
Intent: early_checkin

Sure, I’ll be happy to help. Could you just tell me your reservation number? I'll wait on hold until you find it.

Yeah, I have it here, it’s 41 34 40.

Reservation number: verification_passed

Got it. Early check-in is available for your booking starting on the 2nd of June.

What time would you like to check-in?

10 AM, please.

Perfect, your early check-in for 10 AM has been added to your booking. You should get a confirmation text shortly.

API: checkin_10_413440
API: send_confirmation_text

Can I help you with anything else?

No, that’s all. Thanks so much, bye!

Thank you, have a nice day!


Hi, Jamie from Guardian Security here. We just received a notification that your alarm at your home has been triggered.

Would you like us to send the police?

No, sorry, I forgot to disarm it in time.

Okay. Can you verify your safeword, please?

Safeword: Red Dawn

Yes. It is Red Dawn.

API: safeword_correct
API: false_alarm_deactivate

Okay, great. Thanks for verifying that. Have a nice day!

Hi, thanks for calling Fast Delivery. This is Robert speaking, your virtual assistant, how can I help you?

Hey Robert, I would like to schedule a pickup and delivery for a shipment.

Intent: shipment_inquiry

Sure, I can help you with that. What is the pickup address?

So the warehouse is at 803 Deerwood Circuit, Tampa.

Pickup address: 803 Deerwood Circuit, 33605, Tampa, Florida

Got it. At what time and day should the driver arrive?

Perhaps between 8 and 10 AM next Thursday.

Pickup date: September 8th, 8:00 AM

Noted, thanks. And what’s the dropoff location?

It's 225 Brannon Avenue, Jacksonville.

Dropoff address: 225 Brannon Avenue, 32203, Jacksonville, Florida

Alright, I’ve scheduled a pickup for Thursday, January 8th, 8 AM at 803 Deerwood Circuit, for a package to be delivered to 225 Brannon Avenue, Jacksonville.

Is everything correct?

Yes, thank you.

Details: verified

Brilliant. You should receive a confirmation text soon.

API: send_confirmation_text

Can I help you with anything else?

Yes, could you please give me the quote for that as well?

Intent: request_quote

Sure, let me transfer you to my colleague for that. Please wait on hold. Have a nice day!

API: transfer_inbound

AI Voicebots customers want to talk to

Interacting with Talkie AI voicebots feels natural because customers can speak at their usual pace, interrupt, add details, or change the subject without signalling, similarly to a conversation between humans.

Gain all the benefits of contact center automation

  • Reduce costs

    Voice assistants can take care of repetitive queries and provide support 24/7, significantly decreasing your contact center costs.

  • Save time

    Provide zero on-hold time and first-call resolution to improve customer experience. Free up agents’ time to solve complex queries and provide personal support.

  • Provide consistency

    Reduce customer effort by providing the same level of experience and accuracy during every call.

All-in-one platform that supports you
throughout the entire lifecycle of AI voicebots

  1. 1

    Build from scratch or use pre-trained plug-and-use AI voice bots

  2. 2

    Test and train with intuitive tools

  3. 3

    Manage calls with Talkie Dialer

  4. 4

    Gain insights from call recordings and transcripts

  5. 5

    Monitor and analyze performance with reports User Interface

Build a complete AI voicebot without coding

Use a friendly, drag-and-drop interface to create AI voicebots that help your customers achieve their goals: get information, schedule an appointment, or order their favorite product.

Our customers say

The team enabled us to try and test how our customer base would react and respond to interacting with an AI voice agent

Adam Banaszkiewicz – Product and Process Management Team at Agile Center

ING Lease (Poland)

Case study

We can now boast a fantastically functioning, increasingly automated customer service thanks to the collaboration with Talkie

Tomasz Ciupa

Call Center Manager – BSH

Case study

Talkie cut our costs and eliminated the need to hire new employees while maintaining the highest level of customer service

Magdalena Meus

Customer Relationship Director – Columbus Energy

Case study

Patients get a better experience, and front-desk employees can finally focus on quality instead of quantity


Project Manager – Medidesk

Case study

The automation improves the work of the entire team, removing the need for the broker to perform repetitive tasks

Ewelina Makowska and Bartłomiej Surówka

Poznań City Hall

Our virtual assistant is always available; you can call it at any time, and every call is answered promptly

Tomasz Bączyk

General Manager – Jean Louis David

Case study

We were able to reach a large group of our employees in a matter of days and collect their feedback on remote work

HR Team

Seris Konsalnet

The satisfaction survey’s results are impressive, with satisfaction levels ranging from 94 to 98 percent for the bot conversation

Małgorzata Łabęda

Customer Service Standards and Quality Specialist – EWE Energia

Automating and optimizing customer service processes helped us reduce the number of incoming call by 50%

Marcin Susmanek – Chief Operating Officer


Case study

Conversational AI that fits your business needs

Whether you prefer to invest in building personalized AI agents with our team of experts, or buy one of our ready-to-use solutions,
Talkie has got your back. Whatever way you choose, you can start small, see results, and grow from there.

  • Ready-for-business voicebots

    Buy ready-to-use AI voicebots, pre-trained to support healthcare and clinic contact centers with:

    • IVR automation
    • Scheduling, changing, and canceling appointments
    • Prescription ordering


    If you need custom automation for other patient enquiries, our Conversation Design team is here to help. So is access to our extensive knowledge base.

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  • Custom-built AI voicebots

    Let Talkie automate custom call-based processes for you with intelligent voicebots:

    • Have your own bespoke voicebots
    • Get custom call and customer analytics and insights
    • No coding skills needed


    Our Customer Success team will support you every step of the way. We can manage the entire AI voicebot lifecycle for you: build, train and manage your voicebots.

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